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Know the status of your directory every step of the way. Simply select a standard layout template, or have a custom layout designed for you. We can provide data field specifications, or accommodate your existing data by matching the fields for you. Select your directory in PDF or printed form, upload your data to our secure server, and monitor the status of your directory as the Directory Builder system processes it automatically!

Save time and money as you take advantage of programming that is ready to go at a moment’s notice. When a new or recurring directory is needed, all of the programming is already set up to your specifications.

The Directory Builder process helps avoid errors and standardizes your data’s appearance and accuracy. Customize directories for groups or individuals based on various requirements, such as member’s benefit plan, employer, and more.

Other benefits of our streamlined process include:

  • Secure data transfer via Secure HTTPS, PGP Encryption or any method you prefer.

  • Data is verified, converted, and imported into the Directory Builder system automatically.

  • Data processing to add additional variable information. 

  • Creating sub-directories based on certain criteria. Create pull-out directories based on geographical area, for a single employer, etc. 

  • Sample proofs are sent securely for directory approval.


Workflow chart for Directory Builder creating provider directories from your data
Directory Builder logo

We understand the unique needs of the health care industry and are fully versed in compliance regulations. Whether we are mailing your directory or not, our experienced mailing staff will advise you on postage and mailing savings that you may not be aware of. You can count on Directory Builder to save you time, money and headaches every time!

“When it comes to meeting the deadline crunch associated with our industry – no one compares. Plus they understand the compliance issues we are up against – I don’t know what we would do without them.”

See samples of some of our directories below:

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