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NY Department of Health Releases Guidance for Electronic Noticing Requirement

Effective October 1, 2022, the New York State Department of Health, Office of Health Insurance Programs has released guidance for Medicaid Managed Care Plans on Enrollee Electronic Notification of Managed Care Organization Determinations.

This new guidance required Health Plans to determine a members preference for receiving plan materials. For members that select to receive electronic materials, Plans must offer all communication electronically.

Command Direct offers a solution for health plans through the MyHEALTH DOCUMENTS™ portal:
  • Adheres to current requirements and has the flexibility to adapt to future requirements

  • User-friendly interface is extremely simple to navigate and completely customizable – both will work to improve the member experience

  • Addresses the increasing cost of printing and mailing. As members opt in to MyHEALTH DOCUMENTS™, costs will be reduced as electronic communications replace costly mailed documents

  • Detailed reporting to help Plans understand and manage expenditures


Request a Demo to learn more about MyHEALTH DOCUMENTS.


Download NYS Electronic Noticing Guidelines for MMCPs:

Electronic Noticing Guidelines for MMCPs
Download PDF • 180KB


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