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Managed Print Solutions

When it comes to communicating to your members and providers, careful management and oversight is required. Command Direct’s extensive printing capabilities will ensure that your materials are printed at the highest quality all in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Your communications are as important to us as it is to your members and providers.


From Marketing to Care Management to Appeals and Grievances, Command’s Cloud Print and Fulfillment tools are designed to oversee all of your communication needs. Designed for efficiency and scalability, Command will organize, simplify and manage every document improving your outreach.


From Model Document materials to marketing outreach, our team can provide you with the direction and project management expertise you need. Most importantly— our technology allows for document merged to be automated and items produced based on triggers from your data.

  1. Analysis of print requirements with our support team

  2. Automate personalized materials when possible

  3. Determine production method and full scope of project (mailing, warehousing, etc)

  4. Proofs are always posted or delivered

  5. Production completed and archived on our Creative Portal or Reporting Archival System

Marketing and
Acquisition Materials

Health Care Booklets

Letter Production and Automation