The Tools to Keep You Compliant


Command Direct has developed a standardized process that matches CMS requirements and is completely based on their specific checklists. All documents are converted and certified using our four step quality check process that will provide you with the assurance that documents are compliant for member communication.

Our standardized process ensures that your documents will be remediated quickly, accurately and efficiently

Document Compliance

Website Remediation Process

Document Compliance

1. Review Documents Received

PDFs supplied by the client will be checked for document tags.  Untagged PDFs will be tested to determine ability to tag document correctly.   

2. Remediation

Document will be tagged according to the current WCAG standards for accessible documents.  This standard covers all current CMS requirements and is the preferred standard globally.

3. Verification

Final remediated PDF will be tested to the WCAG 2.1 standards.  All necessary fixes will be corrected. Command will complete verification report that is provided with all remediated documents.

4. Evaluation

Document will be tested for accessibility.  Visual and Audible tests are performed.

Website Remediation Process

1. Evaluation

The team will first evaluate your current website or documents in order to create a plan on how to proceed.

2. Conversion

The experienced team at Command Direct starts by changing the content to adhere to the standards.

3. Testing

All elements are put through rigorous testing to ensure that it complies with the rules.

4. End Product

Accessible website with current WCAG standards.