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Command Direct Joins NYHPA as Affiliate Member

Command Direct is pleased to announce that we are now an affiliate member of the New York Health Plan Association (NYHPA).


New York Health Plan Association (HPA), Inc. was established for the purpose of promoting the development of managed health care plans within New York State. Currently, HPA’s members include fully licensed managed care plans and prepaid health service plans (PHPs) that provide health care coverage to New Yorkers enrolled through their employers or a variety of government-sponsored programs and individuals who shop for coverage through the state’s official Marketplace. HPA Associate Members are Managed Long Term Care plans (MLTCs), which provide or arrange for and coordinate both the health care and long term care needs of their patients.


HPA’s Affiliate members are organizations and companies that work with managed care plans in the delivery of services to their members. Together, HPA’s member plans provide the health care coverage for more than eight million New Yorkers.


Command Direct will be participating in the upcoming Covering NY HPA Annual Conference & Expo on November 16, 2023.


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