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Health insurance companies have broad needs... we've built systems to support those needs. Transform your business with Command's technology platforms.

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Platform for Document Management, Version Control, Job Status and Storage

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For Non‐PHI Requests

(Stationery, Marketing Materials)

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For Managing PHI Requests Quickly, Easily, and Compliantly

Providing your Team with Instant Responsiveness to Member Requests

Delivers customization and compliance with a quick turnaround.

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Securely Access Your Files 24/7

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Your All-in-one Platform for Document Management, Version Control, Job Status and Storage:

  • User Access Level Security

  • Document Creation, Organization and Storage

  • Version Control and Access To Document History

  • User friendly interface

Web-Based Ordering/Storefront:
Non‐PHI requests (stationery, marketing materials)
  • Unique Login Credentials

  • Customizable Templates

  • On-demand Production

  • Shopping Card Functionality

  • Image of Items Onsite

  • Budgeting and Thresholds

  • User Level Access and Approval Steps

  • Reporting and Inventory Control

  • Tracking

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Manage all PHI requests quickly, easily and compliantly:

  • Secure Access and Compliant Ordering

  • Tool for Member Services to Order Personalized or On‐demand Materials

Report Archival System (RAS):

Provides your team with instant responsiveness to member requests.

  • Unique login credentials

  • Secure and compliant access to member communications

  • Real time connectivity to samples of mailed documents

  • Reports for CMS audits and requirements

  • Members logs for viewing all communications to any member, at any time

  • Confirmation of mail dates

Delivers customization and compliance with a quick turnaround.

  • Complete customization includes cover, 
    introductions, table of contents and index programming 

  • Data format flexibility 

  • Multiple directories from one data source 

  • User-friendly interface tracks all changes through the platform 

  • Multiple design templates 

  • Bookmarks and active page links

  • Integrated Translation Services 

  • 508 Compliance 

Securely access your files 24/7:
  • Encrypted connection for uploading files securely

  • Individual or Group folder settings for file management

  • Simple setup allows immediate access

  • Automated file transfers for daily transactions

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