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Command's COVID-19 Response—Our Commitment to You!

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically influenced our organization, our clients’ businesses, and the healthcare industry as a whole. Our team at Command Direct recognizes that the challenges we all face will require a new, flexible approach to doing business, and we want to share our plans to meet the demand for today and the future.

As a primary resource for Health Plans, Command has always had strong technology and production infrastructure to focus on automation and flexibility. Health Plans require prompt and accurate responses – Command’s services are built around these requirements. Our adaptive approach to production allows us to onboard new clients and projects as well as handle all of the open enrollment/year-end demands. In today’s environment, this approach has allowed us to be there for our clients like never before, and as a result – our business has been transformed.


  • Since many of our clients now have limited in-house mailroom capabilities, Command has expanded our automation to allow plans to quickly outsource these functions. The results have been a dramatic success with many clients embracing the opportunity to reduce future costs through this outsourced approach. In addition to managing daily outbound mail services, we have taken on inbound mail for those clients significantly impacted by the crisis. This includes transitioning all inbound mail to Command for us to organize, scan and store, while allowing plan employees to review mail without ever having to handle it.

  • The expansion of our inbound and outbound Call Center operations has allowed plan employees to focus on immediate needs, while ensuring all member and provider communication requirements are met.

  • Command Direct has leveraged all three of our production facilities to meet demand with no delays.

  • All of our technology and translation services remain at full force with many administrative staff working remotely.

Most importantly, our team is working with each client closely to assist and adapt to specific challenges and requirements. With our dedicated Health Plan services, we will continue to focus our technology, production and communication services in order to be your trusted strategic partner.


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