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Key Strategies for Efficiently Managing AEP Documents

Enhancing your member experience and minimizing the burden on your team requires preparation. While AEP runs from October 15th to December 7th each year, implementing strategies to efficiently manage AEP documents and outbound communication begins months before.

Below are suggestions to help streamline your AEP planning process:


1. Early Preparation: 

Start preparing well in advance. Review previous year’s AEP performance, identify pain points, and learn from past experiences. Understand what has worked well for your plan, and identify where improvements are needed. Creating a project plan can help identify deadlines and account for each step in the AEP document preparation process. 

2. Document Organization

Create a centralized repository for AEP-related documents, including plan brochures, marketing materials, member communications, and compliance documents. Use digital tools to organize and categorize AEP files.

3. Version Control 

Maintain clear version control for all AEP documents. Ensure the most up-to-date versions are accessible to relevant teams. Revise documents based on regulatory changes or plan modifications.

4. Collaboration Tools

Implement collaboration tools that support teams working together seamlessly. Cloud-based platforms enable real-time collaboration, version tracking, and secure access from different locations.

5. Automate Workflows

Use workflow automation tools to streamline document creation, approval, and distribution processes. Automated reminders can help meet deadlines and avoid bottlenecks.

6. Compliance Tracking

Closely monitor compliance requirements to avoid penalties or legal issues. Keep track of deadlines for submitting documents to regulatory bodies.

7. Member Communication

Develop clear and concise member communication materials. Explain plan changes, benefits, and enrollment options. Use plain language to ensure members understand their choices.


At Command Direct, we recognize that a carefully planned AEP increases health plan success. Our team has the expertise to organize, prepare, and distribute your materials. For additional information on our services, please contact the Command Direct team at

Download the AEP Document Preparation Guide and print the calendar for your team to reference this AEP season!

Command_Guide to Preparing AEP Documents
Download PDF • 618KB


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