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Directory Builder delivers professional, great looking directories quickly and cost effectively.


Directory Builder can produce directories on-demand that are highly accurate and completely customizable. Target directories to specific demographics or regions, or create directories in multiple languages.

Our automated directory process enables you to reduce overhead, lower postage costs and save time. Compliance is assured on every project. Streamlined data and file management results in accurate directories delivered on time, every time.


Directory Builder offers:


  • Multiple design templates to choose from for professional looking directories.

  • Complete customization – each section of your directory can be formatted with its own header, footer, record layout, and table of contents.

  • Flexibility in your data format – upload data in the format that works best for you: CSV, Excel, DBF, XML, etc.

  • The ability to create multiple directories from one data source – data is filtered by key fields and can be used for multiple applications.

  • Automatic data formatting capabilities – phone numbers, addresses, or provider names can be formatted exactly as you wish.

  • Mass data correction capabilities – old or inconsistent data can be run through correction services for better accuracy. Address fields and cut-off names can be corrected and updated for future versions.

  • Indexing customization – directories can be indexed automatically by Name, City, Zip, or any other field you choose.

  • Table of contents flexibility – the TOC can be as detailed as you choose, from just plain sections down to specialties in a county in each section. Every section can even have its own table of contents.

  • Quick turnaround – once programmed, a directory proof can be turned around in about 48 hours.

  • Repeat directories that save you time and money – if the data and template for a new directory is the same as a previous directory, there is no initial programming necessary.

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