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Produce directories in the language of your choice!


DirecTranslation can take your English files and convert them to the languages that your members and providers require. You can rely on us to provide accurate translations that take into account the specialized terminology of the health care industry. Now you can build member loyalty by communicating directly and clearly with your members in their primary languages.


direcTranslation is flexible and efficient with these advanced features:


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  • Your directory can be translated into ANY language you choose!


  • Our sophisticated system can handle any language characters you require and there are no font or punctuation issues.


  • Our professional translators all have in-depth knowledge of the source and target languages, a firm grasp of current usage, and the superior writing skills needed to produce translations that are not only accurate but also well written.


  • We utilize advanced translation memory systems to streamline the translation process, ensure maximum terminological consistency, and improve quality assurance.


  • Vocabulary and terminology are saved following the initial translation process and then form the basis of new translations. This not only enhances translation quality, but also ensures consistency of terminology within the text itself.


  • Once your translation is complete, your directory pages are formatted to accommodate language adjustments.


  • A certificate of accuracy is provided, and we also offer proofreading and editing services should you need them.


  • We can save you money on future directories by matching records from your previous project to your new data. Only the new records will need to be translated, saving time and money.

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