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AEP 2021: A 6-step Guide for Your Sales and Marketing Team During COVID-19

AEP 2021

With Annual Enrollment Period quickly approaching, being properly prepared is your best tool to a successful season ahead. Staying organized and setting timelines will have your team ready to go when October arrives. Over the next few weeks, we will be providing some guidelines to help you stay on course, from Model Document Population to handling Gap Mailings.

As there are many hands involved in preparing for AEP, it is best to speak with both internal departments and external vendors to ensure you can meet your goals. The following is a suggested schedule to make your ANOC season a little less stressful. Working in “parallel” while you are waiting for approvals can help make up for lost time.

AEP 2021 Schedule

As you probably know, there is no silver bullet to ensure a stress free ANOC season. But, with a strategic focus and a proper production timeline, your project will be more streamlined and likely stay on budget.


AEP 2021: 6-Step Guide

AEP 2021 6 Step Plan


Read our next post on understanding how to prepare your Model Documents (Evidence of Coverage, Annual Notice of Change, Summary of Benefits, Formulary and Provider and Pharmacy Directories).


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