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AEP 2021: Membership Outreach

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AEP 2021

In today’s digitally driven world, you need a communications partner that keeps you up to speed with both today’s and tomorrow’s technology.  As health plans are always striving to improve member retention, member engagement and medical management, having a partner with a platform to meet these needs is important.   Command Direct, a leading national provider of Health Plan communications, is a one-stop solution for all your communications needs.  We offer solutions that help health plans reduce cost, maintain compliance and streamline processes.


As this year has presented many new challenges to health plans, Command has made several updates to all its communication channels:

  • Enrollee Electronic Notification Guidance With the recent government push to provide members with options on how to receive medical notifications, Command has developed an integrated print/email/web portal.   Members will have the option to choose their notification preference in a simple, easy-to-use center that will host their documents. > Learn more

  • Expanded Call Center Operations: Due to the rapid growth of its Health Plan focused call center solution, Command Direct has added 3 new locations for expanded capacity. In 2011, Command Direct developed a national base of call centers specializing in 24/7 coverage for member service, provider outreach, reward programs and integrated solutions. “The dramatic growth we have experienced has created a completely new model for the Health Plan industry. By developing a targeted solution, we have leveraged the common needs of our clients, allowing for a higher level of response, compliance and efficiency. We are truly excited to continue to grow this division, providing a unified communication solution for Health Plans” stated Gary Bolnick, President of Command Direct. > Learn more

  • Upgraded mailroom capabilities: Since many of our clients now have limited in-house mailroom capabilities due to COVID-19, Command has expanded our automation to allow plans to quickly outsource these functions. The results have been a dramatic success with many clients embracing the opportunity to reduce future costs through this outsourced approach. In addition to managing daily outbound mail services, we have taken on inbound mail for those clients significantly impacted by the crisis. This includes transitioning all inbound mail to Command for us to organize, scan and store, while allowing plan employees to review mail without ever having to handle it. > Learn more

  • PAVE (Provider Accuracy Verification and Enhancement): This service provides you with a singular source for managing data, outreach, technology and document services for all of your Provider data sources. With PAVE, your data will continually be cleansed and updated to ensure that regulatory requirements are met, wasteful print and postage costs are reduced, and member satisfaction rises. > Learn more

From AEP to incentive programs to our Appeals & Grievances solution, Command Direct will help you maximize member engagement but also optimize the potential of your bottom line. Contact Command Direct to see how we can help you with Membership Outreach!


AEP 2021: 6-Step Guide

AEP 2021 6 Step Plan


Be sure you review our introductory post on preparing for AEP 2021, and stay tuned for our guide on Return Mail Management coming soon!


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