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AEP 2021: Data, Fulfillment & Kitting

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AEP 2021

In today’s digitally driven world, you need a communications partner that keeps you up to speed with both today’s and tomorrow’s technology. With health plans continuously striving to improve member retention, member engagement and medical management, having a partner with a platform to meet these needs is important.


Data Processing, Mailing and Postage

A health plan’s communications begin with leveraging data to support member specific engagement. Command Direct’s strategic team will meet with you to discuss each individual plan’s communication needs. This will ensure that your members and providers receive high quality communications all within compliance guidelines.

When you plug into Command Intelligence, you are plugging into a new approach—one that completely automates the creation of documents directly from your data source. Whether creating ID cards, welcome kits, enrollment kits, A&G letters, premium invoices or any other communication, your member materials will be created, printed, and mailed efficiently and compliantly.

The key to mailing communications effectively is understanding all your various postal options. Postage is a significant expense, however, there are many savings opportunities available through the USPS. Most companies do not have the resources, experience, or knowledge to take advantage of those savings. In the ever-changing world of shipping and USPS requirements, it has become a full-time responsibility to make the best decisions for achieving the lowest possible postage and shipping rates, while still ensuring timely and compliant delivery.

Our design experts will advise you of any updates that can be made to your piece which could lead to potential cost savings. A wide variety of custom printing, presorting, and inserting methods address your individual needs. Services include: variable data printing, full-service Intelligent Mail Barcodes, and full support for all presorting categories—including Bound Printed Matter. Complete integration into UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service guarantees you are getting the best rate possible for your mailing. Command Direct track’s your postal spending and provides usage reports so you can easily analyze the ROI for your mailings.


Order Fulfillment

Once you have the message and the materials, it’s time to assemble, pack and address them to get them out the door. That is where we come in! Whether you need full kitting services or simple assembly help, count on Command Direct to guarantee both the accuracy and quality assurance you need to put together and send your most important projects.

We handle complex product kits that include packaging, collateral and multimedia elements, plus marketing campaigns complete with dimensional mailers and response tracking. Our assembly team ensures your project is kitted and sent correctly and on time. Additionally, our clients can access real-time inventory tracking, reporting, orders, alerts and more using our secure, web-based interactive marketing portal (Web Fulfillment).


A better solution: The Self-Contained Pre-Enrollment Kit

One of our clients approached us to help create a better way to deliver the numerous materials included with Pre-Enrollment Kits. In response, Command Direct provided the client with a comprehensive solution that creates and distributes Pre-Enrollment materials quickly and at a reduced cost.

The Self-Contained Pre-Enrollment Kit simplifies the entire process by combining all parts into one turnkey booklet.

  • Consolidate all items to one vendor

  • Produce all items on-demand with no need for storage, thus eliminating waste

  • Utilize digital production methods for enhanced personalization of materials

  • Simplify documents for members and brokers with one cohesive packet

  • Create professional Pre-Enrollment materials that can be branded as needed

  • Reduce postage costs

By teaming up with Command Direct for the Pre-Enrollment materials, our client no longer experiences the long turn-times and high production costs associated with this complex process. With these Kits, plans now have the flexibility to produce customized materials on-demand. Plus, members receive a streamlined packet that requires much less handling and questions. With an immediate savings of 30%, you can in turn provide a higher quality booklet to your members at a much lower cost.

Improving satisfaction and engagement all begins with your data. Working with a partner that can utilize this information to automate member communications, provide cost savings, and deliver materials on-time is a win-win for everyone. Contact Command Direct to see how we can help you with Data, Fulfillment, Kitting, and more!


AEP 2021: 6-Step Guide

AEP 2021 6 Step Plan


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