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AEP 2021: Printing & Warehousing

AEP 2021: A 6-step Guide for Your Sales and Marketing Team During COVID-19 > Read our introductory post on AEP 2021
AEP 2021

When it comes to communicating to your members and providers, careful management and oversight is required.  The key is to work with a printer that truly understands how to print your materials at the highest quality, all in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Before the selling period begins, health plans need to consider all the materials their sales team will require, plus ensure members receive the Annual Notice of Change mailing by October 1st. Timelines to produce the varied materials depend on many factors: quantity, size, folding, binding, inserting, inkjetting, data and postal requirements. Working with a vendor that has the capability to handle all of this enables your organization to plan accordingly.

From Model Document materials to marketing outreach, our team at Command Direct can provide you with the direction and project management expertise you need. Most importantly—our technology allows for documents to be merged through automation and items produced based on triggers from your data.

These steps are followed for all projects:

  1. Analysis of print requirements with our support team

  2. Automate personalized materials when possible

  3. Determine production method and full scope of project (mailing, warehousing, etc)

  4. Proofs are always posted online or delivered

  5. Production completed and archived online

Your printer should be a partner throughout the entire year. Every health plan requires year-round communication to its members. There are regular mailings to all members: newsletters, daily communications, postcard reminders, incentive programs, etc. As a partner, your printer can determine the best methods to complete these varied jobs, offering you cost savings opportunities. For example, during pre and post enrollment, there are numerous booklets, notices and forms to be reviewed and completed. Command has developed a self-contained enrollment kit to consolidate and automate the process, while adding flexibility and personalization options, creating an efficient method to deliver these items at lower costs and reducing postage costs.

Once materials are printed, health plans should consider how they will warehouse and distribute materials throughout the year. Member services order replacement material daily, while sales teams want to have supplies sent directly to them. With work-at-home programs increasing, having a web storefront that can accept these material requests is essential. Approval order management, inventory control, and reporting capabilities through Command Direct allow health plans to measure ROI.

Remember, your communications are as important to us as they are to your members and providers. Contact Us to discuss how Command Direct can assist you with AEP 2021.


AEP 2021: 6-Step Guide

AEP 2021 6 Step Plan


Be sure you review our introductory post on preparing for AEP 2021, and stay tuned our guide on 508 Compliance next week!


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