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Cost Reduction Never Goes Out of Style!

In 1863 first class postage was 6 cents.

On July 10, 2022, the USPS is raising postage to 60 cents for a first-class stamp.

One thing is certain— postage rates only go up!


DID YOU KNOW... Postage is often a Health Plan's largest member communication expense?

At the same time, it is commonly most ignored!

A postal strategy is a critical component to managing your communications budget — Command Direct can help!

Take advantage of a complimentary postage consult with a Command Direct communication specialist and review the variables that can save significant dollars.

Some topics will include:

  • Mail Piece Design (size, weight etc.)

  • Speed of Delivery Requirements

  • Presorting and Postal Discount Opportunities

  • Return Mail and Data Cleansing

  • Mailing Frequency

  • Regulatory Requirements

CLICK HERE to schedule a 30-minute consultation or CONTACT US directly to set up a call.


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